Institutional Partners

The Voss Marine Invertebrate Collection offers researchers an array of tropical marine invertebrate specimen spanning the western Atlantic, western Africa, and the eastern Pacific. The collection consists of over 82,000 lots that can be dated back to the early 1940s; as such, most data in the collection is of a physical nature that has not been digitized. In 2020, the VMIC joined DigIn TCN, a cross-institutional collaboration that aims to “improve accessibility of marine biodiversity data by more than doubling digitally-accessible marine invertebrate records (excluding molluscs) from non-federal collections”.  

To meet this goal, the VMIC has partnered with the Rosenstiel School Library to bring the contents of the collection online. As the VMIC builds the digital database for the physical specimen in the collection, the Rosenstiel School Library is working to scan and upload all catalogue cards, maps, publications, and other texts associated with the collection.   

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